Spend Analysis and Dynamic Reporting

Gaining visibility of your spend and driving compliance has never been easier. With Spend 365's highly interactive dashboards and two separate reporting modules users can build everything view needed within the Spend 365 system for meetings or analysis as well as still export their data straight into Excel

Spend Analysis & Reporting Suites

Interactive Dashboards


With over 30 interactive views users can view their companies spending habits instantly. Spend Supplier, Purchase, Contract, Department, Budget and project Analysis dashboards all under one page.

Report Builder


Easily build reports and charts in seconds directly within Spend 365 whether it be spend by department or project or referred vs. Non-preferred spend 

Ad-Hoc Report Builder


Our state-of-the-art drag and drop reporting module allows you to drag and drop parameters directly into a table, bar graph, heatmap. Cage values into count or averages all without transforming the data in Excel first.



Export your organisations data whenever needed directly from spend tables or even graphs. You can even filter by time period, location and much more, so you only get the data view you need for your analysis

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