RFQ Creation and Supplier Evaluation

Create and send RFQ's within the Spend 365 software which they respond to directly within the system allowing you to compare responses side by side. Create questionnaires and financial structuring for goods and services and let Spend 365 evaluate their responses for you.

Sourcing Features

Unlimited Suppliers and Items


There is no limit on the number of items you can build into your RFQ or the number of suppliers you can invite. Keep all responses in one place and see in real time who has and hasn't yet responded.



Create dynamic questionnaires for your potential suppliers to answer based on free text responses, multiple choice or Yes/No. Spend 365 will automatically analyse each response to give each supplier a score based on weighted criteria and financial response.

Unlimited Documents


Upload as many supporting documents as needed.

Responses Directly Your Spend 365 System


Suppliers respond to financial requirements, questionnaires and supporting documents directly within Spend 365 eliminating the need to collate responses yourself. Suppliers can even attach documents of their own.

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