Creating PO's & Sending to Supplier

Creating PO's & Sending to Supplier

1. Purchase Orders

Under the Orders menu in the left hand menu click on ‘Purchase Orders’

2. 'PO To Be Created'

Any order within the table with a status of ‘PO To Be Created’ can have a PO created under that order.

3. Check Order and Create!

Pick the order which you wish to create an PO for. Once you have checked the related order tab (this will include the original orders details) and populated any relatable fields that you wish to include on the purchase order click the ‘Create Purchase Order’ button

4. Send PO to Supplier/Don't Send PO to Supplier

Once the PO has been created you can view it at anytime by clicking the ‘View Purchase Order’ button at the top of the page.

From here you have the option to send the purchase order to the supplier related to the order.

Send PO to Supplier – Click on the ‘Send PO to Supplier’ button at the top of the page. Confirm the contact details on the next two pop ups and you’re done!

Video Tutorial



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