Contract Management

No more contract logs on spreadsheets. Manage every single contract in Spend 365, see which contracts are due to expire and ensure all Contract, Finance and Procurement Managers are made aware of any vital changes with custom notifications.

Contract Management Features

Unlimited Document Storage & Visibility


Store & access all of your contracts and supporting documents under the Contract Management module. Gain full visibility of where they sit in your organisation and the main internal and external stakeholders who manage them.

Custom Notifications


Create custom notifications directly to users inboxes and their Spend 365 notifications inbox to ensure major events and timelines are never missed with specific contracts. 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


Upload PDF's or scanned images of your contracts and allow Spend 365 to accurately transform them into text files instantly. Turn your scanned contracts into working e-contracts  which can be edited and e-signed within the Spend 365 system (Coming early 2019)

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