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Finances online Review – 93% Spend 365 User Satisfaction Score

Spend 365 is incredibly proud to have been highly reviewed and received multiple software rewards awards from Finances Online. Spend 365 has been incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved within our first year in the e-Procurement space and to top it all off we have now been awarded two certificated from From the certifications which are offered annually from Finances Online’s B2B software review platform we have managed to secure two of the […]
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8 Benefits of Procurement Technology Tools

A wide variety of industries are adopting technology to automate supply processes, bringing significant bottom-line benefits to companies by allowing greater productivity, visibility and cost efficiency. At a high level, e-procurement provides the opportunity to increase efficiencies in business transactions and enhances negotiation leverage for firms. Use of technology is one of the key metrics used by benchmarking firms to measure maturity of procurement organizations. So, it’s important to find the right tool and reap […]
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